Elektroakustische Musik und Audiovisuelle Medien 2

Donnerstag 11 – 12.30 Uhr

Weiterführende Literatur

Brady, Marc Christopher
Emergent Soundscape Composition. Reflections on Virtuality
Chion, Michel
Spectromorphology: explaining sound-shapes
Organised Sound  2(2)  107–126  (1997)
Chion, Michel
The Three Listening Modes
in: Audio-Vision. Sound On Screen
Ferrington, Gary
Take A Listening Walk and Learn To Listen
Fontana, Bill
The Environment as a musical resoource
Fontana, Bill
Sound as Virtual Image
Fontana, Bill
The Relocation of Ambient Sound: Urban Sound Sculpture
Forum Klanglandschaft: Justin Winckler, Albert Mayr, Thomas Gerwin Alexander Lorenz
Klanglandschaft wörtlich. Akustische Umwelt in transdisziplinärer Perspektive
Keller, Damián
Compositional Processes from an Ecological Perspective
Leonardo Music Journal  10  55-60  (2000)
Keller, Damián
Touch’n’go: Ecological Models In Composition
Krause, Bernie L.
The Niche Hypothesis: How Animals Taught Us to Dance and Sing
McCartney, Jean; Shirley, Andrea
Sounding Places: Situated Conversations Through The Soundscape Compositions Of Hildegard Westerkamp
Norman, Katharine
Real-world music as composed listening
Contemporary Music Review  15  1–27  (1996)
Marta Olszewska,
The Journal of Education Culture and Society   01    (2010)
Paquette, David
Describing The Contemporary Sound Environment: An Analysis Of Three Approaches, Their Synthesis, And A Case Study Of Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC.
Röll, Franz Josef
Zur Ästhetik des Internets. Wahrnehmungsdispositive eines neuen Mediums.
medien praktisch  3    (2001)
Russolo, Luigi
L’arte dei rumori. Die Geräuschkunst
(1916 / 1999)
Schafer, R. Murray
The Soundscape. Our Sonic Enviroment and the Tunig of the World
Truax, Barry
Soundscape, acoustic communication and environmental sound composition
Contemporary Music Review  15  49 – 65  (1996)
Truax, Barry
Composing with Time-Shifted Enviromental Sound
Leonardo Music Journal  2  37-40  (1992)
Truax, Barry
Composing with Real-Time Granular Sound
Perspectives of New Music  28  120–134  (1990)
Truax, Barry
Genres And Techniques Of Soundscape Composition As Developed At Simon Fraser University
Organised sound  7 (1)  5-14  (2002)
Truax, Barry
The World Soundscape Project
Uimonen, Heikki
Everyday Sounds Revealed: Acoustic communication and environmental recordings
Organised Sound  16  256-263  (2011)
Werner, Hans Ulrich
Soundscapes Klanglandschaften zwischen Design und Komposition
Westerkamp, Hildegard
The World Soundscape Project
The Soundscape Newsletter No. 01., August, 1991      (1991)
Westerkamp, Hildegard
Linking soundscape composition and acoustic ecology
Organised SoundSound  7  51–56  (2002)
Westerkamp, Hildegard
Listening to the Listening
Westerkamp, Hildegard
The Local and Global „Language“ of Environmental Sound
Westerkamp, Hildegard
Soundscape composition: linking inner and outer worlds
Westerkamp, Hildegard
Listening and soundmaking : a study of music-as-environment
Westerkamp, Hildegard
Sound Heritage  3    (1974, Revised 2001)
Winkler, Justin
Klanglandschaften. Untersuchungen zur Konstitution der klanglichen Umwelt in der Wahrnehmungskultur ländlicher Orte in der Schweiz
(1995, Revised 2006)
Winkler, Justin
«Objects are closer than they appear»: Mirrors and the midwifery of landscape experience
Winkler, Justin
Soundscape – Anstiftung zum Hören Vom Nomadischen des Hörens
Winkler, Justin
Space, Sound and Time
World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE)
The Soundscape Newsletter
No. 1    (August 1991)
No. 2    (January 1992)
No. 3    (June 1992)
No. 4    (September 1992)
No. 5    (March 1993)
No. 6    (June 1993)
No. 7    (January 1994)
No. 8    (June 1994)
No. 9    (September 1994)
No. 10    (February 1995)
No. 11    (July 1995)
No. 12    (December 1995)
See also wfae.net for „The New Soundscape Newsletter“ 1996-98; The Soundscape Journal, WFAE Newsletter online
Wrightson, Kendall
An Introduction to Acoustic Ecology
Soundscape  1 No. 1  10 – 13  (2000)